Monthly TBR Lists

If you spend any amount of time on WordPress, then you’ve likely come across many of these. They could be for summer or winter or June or anything at all. And I’m trying to figure them out. I have one question that I’d like to ask all you TBR List-making people. How do you come up with them? I’m not asking because I have any intention of adopting the practice, I’m asking because it’s a mystery to me.

You’re just about guaranteed to find these lists for every month into the future, but why? Why does there have to be this set list and how does one even decide what to put on it? I mean, when I first started seeing them on WordPress I thought they were just books that hadn’t been read before by the post author. But I now know that not to be the case. People are picking random books to reread at random times. And I just don’t get it.

How do you come up with your monthly (or similar) TBR lists?