I’m Officially on a Book Buying Ban

Yep. That’s right. Why? Because of this.


That’s my TBR shelf. It currently has 51 books on it! I don’t have too many books, but I have too many books I haven’t read. *sad face*

So I’m on a book buying ban for the time being. It’s only logical, right? I have been working on my current read the last few days and I’ll be finishing it soon, but that one book hardly makes a dent in my pile here. Not every book on the shelf is one I can read right away because of how I read different series and authors, but most are. And there are a few that have been on the shelf for years. Ugh. At least I know I have enough books to hit my yearly goal if I go ahead and start with what I have in January. I guess there’s a silver lining.

Have you ever had a TBR pile that started to take over your house like I do right now?


I Have too Many Books

Not really.

But I’ve been buying more books than I’ve been reading lately. And now my TBR (to-be-read) shelf has way more books than ever before! Prior to now the most books I’d ever had on my TBR shelf at once was 21. At least that’s what I THINK the number was. But now I’m at 29! I know some people have way more than that, like stacks on stacks of books. But I don’t make it a habit of buying books and not reading them fairly soon. Because I don’t see the point of that.

But July was a bit of a perfect storm, I guess. Discovering Half Price Books AND getting the rest of the Potter series is just one of those things that likely won’t be happening again. So I’m not too worried about my ever growing TBR shelf of doom. HA! Just kidding. A Little.

Here’s what it looks like right now:

IMG_20150808_134138I’m starting to get the hang of Instagram. So if you like this, then follow me!

What’s your TBR shelf look like these days?


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