What I’m Thankful for

Tricked ya.

I’m not going to list or explain the things I’m thankful for. Because my list is likely very different and very similar to yours. There are things every one of us should be thankful for, whether we recognize it or not. But we should be thankful for most of the things we have every single day, not just when the calendar tells us to. Otherwise we’re taking things for granted.

My message today is to think of your own life experience and decide if you are thankful each day or if you wait for the rest of the country to tell you to be thankful. That’s it.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Thanksgiving (poem)



Turkeys and family
And football too
A day off work
And so much food

A grand feast
That’s well prepared
Try eating healthy
If you dare

But there’s more
To this great day
Don’t forget
To say thanks

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