George R. R. Martin is Right on Track

So I’m lying here before bed just reading a few articles, right? I try reading as many book articles as I can in order to stay up-to-date on the happenings in the book world. But I don’t really have a particular type of article I like more than another. But I stumbled upon one about Mr. Martin.

I’m not a watcher of the HBO series based on his bestselling books, and I recently sold my copies of the books to my Half Price Books store in an effort to get books off of my TBR shelf I have no interest in reading. But I know a lot of criticism is thrown his way because everyone is so anxiously awaiting the release of the next book in the series.

Well, it turns out all those people are foolish. Mhm. The Washington Post created this graphic to show how fast authors publish books relative to the number of pages in their respective series. Take a look.


His next book could come out next year and he’d still be writing at the same pace as the much beloved J.K. Rowling. Welp.

So get off his back and let the mam write.

Would you have ever guessed he’s writing at the same pace as her and faster than other prominent authors of the last century? I wouldn’t have just based on what everyone says about him.

Self-Publishing 1, Traditional Publishing 5883289538

What in the world could I be talking about? I can see the wheels spinning in your head.

Well let’s give some background. Anyone who knows anything about publishing knows that self-publishing has a certain amount of stigma attached to it. There aren’t riots in the streets and no one is calling for the heads of the CEOs of the Big 5 publishers, but there’s still a stigma.

But a little tiny sliver of hope has appeared on the horizon. The Washington Post featured a self-published romance novel as one of it’s “Best Romance Books of 2015”.

Alisha Rai’s Serving Pleasure made the cut. And it’s thought to perhaps be the first such book to make one of these best of the year lists.

So now maybe Alisha Rai will be mentioned in the same breath as Hugh Howey, E.L. James, and Andy Weir? Or not, but it’s still nice to see.

What do you think of a self-published book being named one of the best romance books of 2015? I have nothing negative to say about it.