ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Blogger edition

Okay guys, assuming that your name isn’t Patrick Star and you don’t live under a rock, then I’m certain that the title of this post tells you exactly what I’m writing about. I would hope that would be all of you. BUT if somehow or other you have no idea what the ice bucket challenge is, you’re in luck. It all comes down to professional golfers last year started the ice bucket challenge in order to donate to their favorite charities. Over the course of time the challenge morphed into being all about ALS. So there. People are pouring ice water over their heads and MOSTLY donating money.

That’s the basic premise. But what you hear about online from people who THINK they’re sounding intelligent is that all these people are wasting water. How does dumping ice water over your head help people with ALS? They say people are just doing it to be part of the phenomenon that has spread across the country. They say no one really cares about a cure for ALS. My response to all these people would be…..shut up.

If you’re one of these people, then unfollow my blog right now. Cause there is nothing intelligent about criticizing people who yes probably want to be a part of the challenge, but who are also donating their own money that they absolutely don’t have to. And what are you doing? Trying to record a video that you think a lot of people will agree with because you seem to be under the impression that you’re seeing something in all this ice bucket challenge business that no one else is. Everyone knows that a little bit of water is wasted. Every person who does it knows this. But let me ask you something.  Have you ever just stood in the shower that extra minute, or two, or ten? You’re talking a whole lot more water than just a bucket. Do you run the water while you brush your teeth? Oh look, more water wasted. Maybe there’s a drought ongoing where you live and you still run your sprinklers during the day. See, don’t sit there and act like you’re this wonderful perfect person who cares so much about water, cause you don’t. And if you want to make it out like you do, find some water causes online and donate there.

Now let me tell you all something fun about my ice bucket challenge. I actually challenged three bloggers! It’s not like I’m going to nag you if I challenged you and you don’t do it, but It’d be fun to watch your video if you do.

Just a few last things before I show you all my video. I’ve been reading article after article about people who have actually had to deal with ALS and let me tell you, I haven’t read a single one that says they think it’s stupid. Cause it is raising awareness and it is raising money. With that I leave you with an article from the Huffington Post in which someone very close to ALS gives her thoughts on the ice bucket challenge. Second, here’s a video of someone talking about why he did the ice bucket challenge.

Access the article here.

Watch the video here.

That’s all for today. No book stuff, but now you have to watch my video because I may or may not have challenged you!