Need Some Motivation to get Back to Writing?


Photo Credit: WeBook Blog

Well you won’t find any here. Let me ask you something real quick. No matter your particular definition, do you consider yourself a writer? If yes, then what difference do a few meaningless words from a complete stranger make? None. It really annoys me when I see people talking about the “writing community.” Uhh no. Yeah you might have some people on here or Twitter or in your hometown who help you with your writing, but at the end of the day you’re both shooting for the exact same goal of getting published. You think if it came down to either you or them they wouldn’t abandon you immediately to make sure that it was them? We both know every logical writer would do it in a heartbeat. So all this crap about the “writing community” is no different from any other type of relationship. It’s okay while everyone is getting something out of it, and I get nothing out of offering up some words of encouragement. While you get nothing out of those meaningless words strung together. You shouldn’t need some random person to get you writing in the first place, then you’re just needy and probably an attention whore.

Who cares what I say or what some other blogger/writer says, if you need motivation to get writing then you shouldn’t have to look any further than yourself.