Give the Gift of Unlimited Children’s Books

I know what you’re thinking. I just said the other day that books are terrible gifts. True. They are. I’m not actually recommending you take advantage of this offer. I’m simply bringing it to your attention.

Epic is the name of a monthly e-book subscription service that focuses on children’s books. The age range is 2-12. Typically the cost to subscribe to the service is $4.99 a month, but at the moment you can get a year of unlimited books for $42. Not too shabby.

Of course, there are drawbacks. Limited to the books available through the service. You’ll receive zero physical books. And the name of the service is boring.

I’ve obviously never bought a kid’s book for anyone. But I definitely acknowledge how outrageously priced they are. I mean, people are willing to pay $15 for a book with 20 pages and 100 words! Like, whaa? I’m baffled. So I can understand trying to save some money on those pesky kid’s books. But eh, I don’t think this is some can’t-be-missed deal. It’s okay.

Do you buy kid’s books? Interested in a subscription based service to save a little money?

Pharrell’s new Book is not a Book

Remember a little while back when Pharrell signed a multi book deal? Well the first book is out. And it’s not a book.

I understand that books written for young children usually focus on pictures rather than a million words on each page. But what’s been released looks like the publisher did the least amount of work possible. The book titled Happy after his hit song is nothing we haven’t read or heard. It’s the lyrics to the song spread over maybe 20 pages. With random photos of children to accompany them.

I mean, someone could make a YouTube video and it would come out better than this. Oh well. For once I actually have a problem with a celebrity book. Because there was no effort by anyone to actually write something new.

Am I crazy? What do you think of this new “book” just being the song lyrics?