Saturday Selects #15: YouTube recommendations

Saturday Selects is a series of posts I write on the first Saturday of each month to discuss topics separate from the overall bookish theme of the blog. Today we’re talking YouTubers.

I love YouTube. I can easily spend a couple of hours on the site right before bed without realizing how much time has passed. Or during the day. Or any time. It’s addictive. Match that with a good channel and I’m hooked.

But I have a problem. I subscribe to exactly 15 channels and I think they’re all pretty great. But those 15 channels don’t give me enough videos to watch. Do I watch every video they release? No. But I watch most of them. AND I NEED MORE. And I’ll randomly find other videos that are decent, but I rarely come across a channel that I actually want to subscribe to. That’s what y’all are here for. Tell me about your favorite channels! Seriously. I honestly don’t care what kinds of channels you suggest, I just need to start from somewhere.

What are your favorite YouTube channels?

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