2013 Reading List

My goal each year is to read 50 books. Unfortunately, with writing my first book and finishing my undergraduate work in college, 2013 was a light reading year. Here’s the list anyway:

1.  Oroonoko – Aphra Behn

2.  Four Blind Mice (Alex Cross #8) – James Patterson

3.  Faithless (Grant County #5) – Karin Slaughter

4.  Ceremony (Spenser #9) – Robert B. Parker

5.  Red Light (Merci Rayborn #2) – T. Jefferson Parker

6.  Sunset Express (Elvis Cole #6) – Robert Crais

7.  Hard Rain (John Rain #2) – Barry Eisler

8.  Halo: Contact Harvest (Halo #5) – Joseph Staten

9.  The Big Bad Wolf (Alex Cross #9) – James Patterson

10. Nine Dragons (Harry Bosch #15) – Michael Connelly

11. The Widening Gyre (Spenser #10) – Robert B. Parker

12. Indigo Slam (Elvis Cole #7) – Robert Crais

13. Divided Within (Andrew Banks #1) – John Guillen

14. Die Trying (Jack Reacher #2) – Lee Child

15. Step on a Crack (Michael Bennett #1) – James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge

19 thoughts on “2013 Reading List

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  2. Interesting…I never thought about writing down all the books I read in a year. I think that’s an awesome idea and I’m totally going to try it out! It seems like a good way to reflect and look back not only at the year, but also at my reading choices.

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    • I never thought of doing it until I was done with high school and I actually had time to read. I actually have lists for each year since 2010. I know I’m weird. Lol


      • No way! I think that’s awesome. I wish I would of thought of that a little earlier, like my freshman year. It would of been pretty cool to look back on what I was reading.


      • Yep. Before I started my blog I never knew anyone who kept track of their reading. Now I’ve seen more reading lists than I can comprehend. I still like seeing them, though. Puts me in my place. Lol


  3. Well, it may not be up your alley, but Give “The invention of wings” a read. I read it, just to get a sense of her writing style.


  4. What do the names then numbers mean after each title?


  5. Cool, I try having a reading list but it just grows to much so it’s difficult to control.


  6. While I don’t keep track of all the books I read within a year, partly because I am forever not finishing a book, I do have a composition book that I have been using to record every book I have read from the library. I started it when I was about twelve and I’m up to about 650 books I’ve read since then. So over the past 20 years. In the past few years it’s slowed dramatically as to how many books I actually finish from the library, but it’s fascinating to go back and see what I was reading at various times in my life.


  7. I’ve keep a list of all the books I’ve read since 1989, it’s pretty cool.


  8. According to my library online profile I have taken out 675 books since 10 march 2007. My husband’s card expired some time ago and hasn’t been renewed, so a very small percentage of those books would be his. Out of the rest, there were probably only three I couldn’t bring myself to read after the first chapter! I love books and have been reading avidly since I was four and a half years old, so the actual number would be in the thousands since I’ve always had access to a library for the past 55 years.
    I often walk into the library and randomly pick books without even reading the title or author. I’ve found some great reads that way.
    John, thanks for leaving a Like at my place. You have an interesting blog, very impressed with your work ethic. I’ll visit again. 🙂


  9. I like how your book is on there 🙂


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