Do you Have a Writing Companion?


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A writing companion? What’s that? I mean, writing companion sounds like someone in the same room as you as you write just being noisy or nosy or annoying. Or am I thinking the wrong thing?

Yeah. Although the writing companions I am thinking of can certainly meet one or more of those criteria, I’m thinking of something else. Something a little more…furry. Yep, you guessed it. CATS. I hesitate just a bit to include them here because I’ve never had a single cat or kitten in my life. But WordPress is full of writers who have cats. And I’m sure they’re nice and all, but don’t cats climb on EVERYTHING? Reading a book? There they are. Using the stove? There they are. Writing at your desk? There they are. See, so I don’t know how writers ever get anything done. One minute they’re typing away at their keyboards with ideas flowing every which way and the next they’re lying on the bed giving all their attention to their needy cat. Cats are not writing companions! They’re writing distractions! Ha!

But our other furry friends are quite the opposite. I can imagine sitting at my desk at some point in the future with my English bulldog snoring away on the floor beside me. I get up from my chair and walk around to stretch my legs and take a quick ten minute break. I return to find my bulldog still snoring away. See, he’s a writing companion. He stays with me as long as I need, but he does so without interrupting my flow. He’s a respectful companion unlike your cat crawling all over your keyboard and desk trying to type out a letter in some secret cat language. And pretty much every dog would do the same as the one mentioned above. Just lie there until you’re ready to move. And the next night will do it all again.

Those are the two writing companions that came to mind when I sat down to write this post, but I’m certain there are others I chose not to mention. So tell me, do you have a furry writing companion who keeps you company as you pound away on the keyboard?


12 thoughts on “Do you Have a Writing Companion?

  1. I don’t have one, but it sounds great!


  2. I miss having my cat Simba curl up beside me while I was writing (Simba is still alive, but he lives at Mom’s house. I live on my own now). Cats do climb on everything but it’s kind of an adorable distraction. šŸ˜›

    In a more realistic sense, my best friend Alyssa is my true writing companion. She’s probably the only person who’s read everything I’ve written. She’s just a great cheerleader and she’s there whenever I need her.


  3. I have a cat, but he usually just stares at me while I’m writing. Then he grows bored and walks away, lol. I wonder why so many writers have cats?


  4. I used to have a cat and yes she would get on absolutely everything though she spared my keyboard for some reason. I guess i would call my kids my writing companions. They’re always walking in and out of the room as I writing, asking questions, starting conversations. it can get a bit distracting, but after so many years, I’m used to working through the distraction…


  5. Both cats and dogs make great writing companions. Kittens and puppies are needy and will distract you, but kittens and puppies grow up in a short time. They are worth the trouble. Just my thinking. Maybe not yours. Blessings to you, John…


  6. Yes, I have two lhasa apsos and some cats and they all make excellent writing companions – but so do my mom and sister – in a different way.


  7. Dogs, dogs, all the dogs I can have:-) Right now, that is just my 15 year old, black mutt, Kina (who did not appreciate the photo session that resulted in my profile picture)


  8. I’ve got both, although they’re not always around when I’m writing. The dog, Delilah, will lay there or look at me for an occasional scratch. And the cat, Zink, will curl up in my lap and purr, which is nice. But if he starts climbing around, I kick him out.


  9. My cat is my writing companion, and he’s not much of a distraction. We set very clear rules with him and the only furniture he is allowed on is the couch and the bed. Sometimes he jumps on my desk, but only to be quickly tossed off. Usually, he sits on his kitty tower or in his window seat by me and just chills. He’s kind of like a hybrid between cat and dog behavior.


  10. Most of the time, my cat just wants to be in the same room as me when she falls asleep. My other cat might want to crawl into my lap when I’m trying to write, but more often than not, he just wants to go back out.

    Yes, I have writing companions. But I don’t let them distract me too much from my work.


  11. I had to leave my aging kitty at my parents’ house in Ohio when I moved to Colorado. He was my best writing buddy. I plan on getting another cat later this year. Only problem with lap cats is that I work best while caffeinated, which means frequent trips to empty my bladder. Ohio Kitty did not appreciate the constant disturbance šŸ™‚


  12. I used to have a cat and he loved to sit on my keyboard. I’m going to get another cat soon.


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