Books Bought in 2015

I was planning on writing this post at the beginning of the year, but sometimes blogging is a constantly changing task. So I’ve been posting about other things in the meantime. But now we’re here and ready to go.

2015 was the first year in which I tracked my book purchases. It makes sense if you really think about it. I have all of my books on a list in Word. I have all of the authors in an Excel spreadsheet. I have a list of the best books I’ve read. And I track how much time I spend reading. So it makes sense for me to track the number of books I buy.

I’d intended to include all of the books here, but I won’t do that. I’ll just give you some highlights instead.

I bought 37 books in 2015.

25 were bought from Half Price Books.

5 were bought from Amazon.

1 was bought from Barnes and Noble.

And Harry Potter books 3-7 were bought from a girl on an app.

7 books were new. The rest were used.

The average price of the books I bought was $3.74.

The most expensive book was The Strain at $9.34.

There were several I bought for $1.50.

Of the books bought in 2015, I’ve now read 9 of them. Welp.

That’s it. Feel free to ask me about particular titles or anything. But what I want to know is which books you bought in 2015 and how much you spent. Unless it’s $921 and you’re embarrassed. Then I understand. Ha!

19 thoughts on “Books Bought in 2015

  1. I joined Kindle Unlimited this year and it has been a good way to discover new indie authors.


  2. It’s so weird! I have also been wanting to post about my 2015 book haul and intended it to be up by the beginning of the year but now January’s almost over and I still haven’t! I should catch up.
    Also, wow! These prices are amazing, I wish I could get such ones where I live (but the shipping alone costs about three times the price of the book)


  3. er….I think I bought maybe 5, all e books, and all from indie authors I wanted to support. shrug.


  4. What a good idea to keep track like that. I used to list authors and books in a journal so I could remember new-to-me authors. But it became too much and I gave it up. But books I have read, or bought, is less cumbersome.


    • I see people doing that all the time. At the store they pull out their notebooks and tell me they have to write everything down so as not to forget who it what they’ve read.

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      • I’ll remember the book, usually, but may not the author. Then I’m so frustrated when I want to read another one but I can’t. Of course with the nook, and that’s usually how I make all my book purchases, it isn’t an issue. But if I’m at the library or a bookstore? Forget it. Hence, I like your idea.


      • I always memorize the next books in series I need to read. I only track my purchases to see how much I was buying compared to reading.

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