Most Exciting News Yet!

Divided Within (Andrew Banks #1)

I received an email yesterday telling me that my physical proof has officially been ordered and has shipped! The great thing that I’ve seen happening around me is that a lot more of my personal friends have been keeping up with my blog than I’d previously thought. I know of several people who read every post and are genuinely excited for the book’s release, but lately people who I didn’t even know read my blog at all have been asking about its imminent release and the price and where they’ll be able to buy it and all that fun stuff. Isn’t that exciting?! People want to read MY book!

I’m always quick to tell them that we are now just days away rather than months or weeks. The best part of being asked about my forthcoming book is that I’ve been receiving a lot of congratulations for my accomplishment. It’s not necessarily that they know how difficult a task it was for me, but I think it’s more to do with the fact that most people don’t personally know someone who has written a book, especially not someone their age and who they’ve known for years. I don’t need any special attention for what I’ve done, but it’s nice to see the people around me appreciate what I’ve done even before getting their hands on the actual book. Now I just have to bribe them into giving me nice reviews on Amazon! Only kidding. A little. Ha.

Andrew Banks Book Two

You’ll recall that I finally got around to writing the first chapter of my second book last Friday. Well, unfortunately it took me an entire week to get up the courage to start the second chapter. I always said that the first five or so chapters of a new book are the most difficult because the story isn’t developed enough to dictate what’s written next. This chapter was slightly more difficult to write than the first one, but I didn’t spend hours upon hours banging my head against my desk wondering how come the words I wanted to write weren’t coming to me. I did, however, have a few periods while writing in which I stared intently at the computer screen hoping for the next sentence or paragraph to suddenly appear. It never did.

I actually wrote this chapter in one sitting, which I hadn’t done in some time. Maybe it wasn’t as difficult as I thought. Anyway, a little about the chapter. I told you in my post last week that Andrew is hired by a prominent activist and that it is a topic that is current.

In chapter two Andrew gets to sit down with Sydney for the first time and discuss the new client and what it might mean. He realizes that Sydney knows a lot more about his client than he does and she’s able to give him some perspective. Andrew’s got a lot of work ahead of him if he’s to satisfy the needs of his new client.

Aren’t you all happy to finally hear about Andrew and Sydney again?! I know I’m happy to be writing their perfect relationship again.

I’ll be sure to let you all know as soon as I have my proof in my hands and when a new chapter finds its way onto Word!

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